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Anne's Cupcakery is proud to create homemade, delicious dessert subscription boxes with love, using only the highest quality ingredients from all around the globe. ​​​​​​​​We are also happy to offer savory treats and
all-natural, ultra rich, healing body products!

With menu items in our subscription boxes like...

What Our Clients Say


The Bass Family“Last night all five of us celebrated our new home with a surprise dessert brought by my sons. It was a fantasmagorical Oreogasm in a glass that you spoon down as slowly as  ou like to make sure the taste lingers on your palate until your eyes sparkle to reflect the delight you are feeling inside. We couldn’t get enough. My wife watched with awe as we all said in unison, Thank you, thank you, Anne’s Cupcakery. Your culinary masterpiece made our evening even more pleasant than we could have imagined.”

Tillie Eze – I’ve never had a cupcake like Anne’s Cupcakery before. These treats are so moist, and flavorful without the excess of sweetness. They must take into account the ingredients natural sweeteners and balance it out with however much additional sugar they need. They even have me eating flavors I’ve never liked. Like their red velvet! For years I’ve tried red velvet from multiple bakeries and never understood the hype. I tried Anne’s and fell head over heels. It’s one of the flavors I tell all my friends about. If you don’t like red velvet, I recommend the red velvet. Unless you havea dye allergy, then don’t. And the LEMON!?! Oh no! Do not get me started. I love citrus, but hate the extreme tartness. THESE Lemon cupcakes… I could eat one everyday. They are sooooo good. That glaze?! Stop. I can’t even talk about it, as I’m going to be upset I don’t have one right now. Word on the street is they make a vegan lemon cupcake. Listen, you veganoids, get. on. this. NOW!”

The Horta Family – “I recently purchased 4 dozen mini cupcakes for my husbands birthday. They were a highlight of his weekend (and mine because I made him share). The coconut coquito and salted chocolate were our favorite. These cupcakes are heavenly! After his first bite my husband said “oh wow…oh my God” by the second cupcake he was already planning his nextorder. In addition to the awesome product the delivery and overall service was a pleasure and the prices were so reasonable! Thank you so much! We cannot wait to order again!”

Lydia Tuti – “When Anne started selling cupcakes, I ordered some for a small gathering I was going to have at my house.  The names of the cupcakes alone had my mouth watering.  Thecupcakes were a big hit.  My friends and I loved and enjoyed the unique flavors, how moist they were, and the way they were decorated.  The cupcakes were a good size.  It was money well spent.  I continued to order cupcakes from Anne’s Cupcakery whenever I planned an event.  I kept ordering different flavors, and there wasn’t one I didn’t love.  My last event, before I moved out of NY, was my retirement party.  Anne’s cupcakes was front and center (see photo).  I do not miss NY much , but I do miss Anne’s delicious cupcakes.”

Sarah Parker – “OMG The Coconut Coquito Creme cupcakes are soooo beautiful and soooooo good! Thank you to Anne’s Cupcakery for turning a Puerto Rican holiday family favorite drink into the best cupcake ever!! Can’t wait to order for our next party!!! Thank you!!!!”

Lisa Spencer – “Anne’s Cupcakery quite possibly has the most delicious cupcakes I’ve ever tasted! Anytime I can find a reason, I’ll place an order. They ship fast, arrive fresh, and stay moist for days! I highly recommend Anne’s Cupcakery for all of your cupcake needs or wants.Especially the Vanilla Bean Dream and Red Velvet!”

Keith Cornelius – “I’ve been an avid fan of Anne’s Cupcakery since 2011 when Anne would make deliveries to my entire office floor. Since that time, it’s been amazing to watch Anne turn her talent and passion into a full-fledged operation. While I believe that any of Anne’s customers would agree that these are the BEST cupcakes you’ll ever taste (shoutout to the Red Velvet, Oreogasm and LEMON flavors!), what I appreciate most is the craftsmanship that goes into each of her cupcakes. The design and composition of these cupcakes are so exquisite that you almost don’t want to eat them. However, once you take that first bite, you’ll get over that quickly!”

Thank you to Anne’s Cupcakery for such beautiful (and yummy) doggie treats- Our little mascot (and my puppy soul mate!) Seeker enjoyed a tasty (and beautiful!!) Pumpkin PupCake treat courtesy of Anne’s CupCakery, a true gourmet and custom Boulanger for both dogs and humans alike!!